Adeline Faye

Well, after much anticipation {39 weeks to be exact}, Baby T finally made her grand entrance into the world on May 16th!



Measuring 7.7 lbs and 21.5 inches, Adeline decided to join us at 1:59 PM with a head full of dark hair, full lips, and some big ole’ feet. {See next picture if you don’t believe me!} We are so incredibly grateful for a safe delivery, and that we got to meet her earlier than expected! Waiting 39 weeks to meet Adeline felt like an eternity, but nothing quite prepared me for the moment I finally laid my eyes on her. Talk about ALL. THE. EMOTIONS. Truly, NOTHING compares to meeting your daughter for the first time! It will forever be one of the best moments of my life.


When I was put on bedrest at 34 weeks, we truly thought Adeline would enter this world waaaay earlier than she did. When we got home from the hospital post fall, Drew and I immediately got to work getting our house ready for a newborn. Out of anxiety and probably a small dose of fear, let’s just say it didn’t take long! By the end of the first week we were basically ready to go, but little did we know that we would have five more weeks of waiting.

As my due date drew nearer, my OB/GYN started talking to us about the option of being induced at 39 weeks. Induction was something I had never considered before. I had always assumed I would naturally have my water break {you know, similar to how it breaks in the movies — aka memorable but not like the flood of 1851} and I would get to watch Drew scramble to get us to the hospital in time to avoid an at home delivery! {#firsttimemomfears} But now, instead of it being unpredictable my doctor was giving us the option to MAKE it predictable, which, I would say was somewhat just as terrifying.


After futile attempts on trying to getting this baby here naturally {squats, long walks — you name it, I was all about it}, we decided to move forward with the induction. At this point, I was about 4 cm dilated already, but after waiting anxiously for so long, we didn’t want to wait any longer to meet our baby girl!

We were admitted to the hospital at 12AM on the 16th and we quickly got the ball rolling! By 1:44, I was given Pitocin and by 6:00 I had had my water broken. We thankfully got to rest for a bit, but by 9:30 I was completely dilated and by 11:30 I finally started pushing! Now let me tell you, I like challenges and being pushed to my limits, but trying to figure out how to push a baby out of my body using muscles that were completely numb — well that was a wwwhhhooolleee different ballpark. Thankfully we had a great labor nurse who coached me on the best strategy and really was intentional about speaking words of encouragement over me for the next couple of hours. {Shoutout to Erika — she literally made our experience so relaxed, fun, and hopeful!} By 1:30PM I FINALLY figured out how to push and we got down to business.



Okay, not JUST like that. It took quite a lot still to get her here {29 minutes to be exact}, but holy moly guys, that first cry… now THAT really was my undoing. Hilariously, the first thing she did when they finally gave her to me was poop on me. I think she wanted to help make me laugh instead of cry… or she was just trying to tell me who the new boss in town was… Regardless, finally getting to snuggle my baby {poop & all} for the first time was a moment I will forever cherish.


Watching Drew become a dad made my heart expand 20 times that day with love for him. He didn’t get to hold her until we were done with the first nursing, but after he got ahold of her I wasn’t sure I would ever get her back. He was pretty head-over-heels from the start! {As we all were!} What she doesn’t know yet though is just how lucky SHE is to have Drew for a dad. I pray that they have a close father-daughter bond, but if that picture of them together is any indication, then there is nothing to worry about! Clearly, she’s already got him wrapped around her little finger, but I mean just look at the way he looks at her… MELT MY HEART PEOPLE.


Also, can’t forget a shoutout to my husband for being the ultimate push coach. I can’t hold my breath worth a lick and add pushing on top of that and I truly thought there were moments where I was about to pass out. Drew kept me stable and encouraged during the whole process so I was able to focus on moving Adeline along! Labor could have been a LOT longer if it hadn’t been for his teamwork!

We also had a pretty great fan club cheering us on from the waiting room. In true Carla fashion, my mom brought homemade cookies for the families that were waiting, Drew and I AND the staff that was taking care of us {which I believe helped get us the excellent care we received while at the hospital — thanks mom!} There’s nothing like pushing a baby out and then eating some cookies to celebrate!

Watching our family meet Adeline was truly a special moment in our lives. You know deep down that everyone will love her — but there is still some type of fear that comes with being a mom that makes you wonder if they will feel the same way you feel. But let me tell you, the pure love and adoration that our family showed when meeting her completely washed all fear away! It was incredibly sweet watching each one meet her and sincerely oooh and aaah over her! And gosh… let me tell you, watching my mom hold her with such tender care and love really made me emotional knowing she once did the same thing for me on the day I was born. I think that’s when the feeling of being a mom finally sunk in — when an understanding of that connection and those emotions felt so natural to me. Like, I’M A MOM NOW. WHAT?!

Needless to say, there were LOTS of emotions while introducing Adeline to her family! I’m forever grateful that Adeline has such a great fan club to surround her with while she grows up, and we can’t wait to watch her make some memorable memories with each one of them!


{Also, V emotional was my sister meeting her. Cant even get into that or I’ll start crying. She’s going to be the best aunt <3}


{This next picture looks like it should be in a magazine, but I promise it wasn’t posed! I’m glad we could capture the sweetest moment between mom, son, and granddaughter!}


It’s crazy how your life can change in a moment. Nothing could truly prepare us for it, and now there’s no way we would ever go back to what we had before Adeline was here. Nine months felt like an eternity, but in the end, I would do it all over x99 months just to meet Adeline and hold her. I am so excited for this next stage of life and to see Adeline grow and to make so many memories together as a family of four! {yyyyyes Winnie our dog is still included :)}

Adeline, mom & dad love you to the moon and back and are so glad you are finally here!!