Meet The Girl Behind The Blog: Mary Beth


Lover of ice cream, sci-fi movies, whiskey sours, overalls, the outdoors & jokes that probably really aren't that funny.

Started the biggest adventure of my life in 2017 by marrying the most incredible man on this earth. And the best looking, hands down. He gives me butterflies every time he smiles at me, and usually has me laughing with his incredible dance moves.

The older half of the Farrish Twins by an hour and forty-two minutes. #winning Christ Follower. Southerner. Dessert fanatic. Sport-enthusiast. {Go Hogs!} Always lookin' for the next adventure & always snappin' photos to remember the good times. Firm believer that smiles & laughter really do make the world a better place.

I hold relationships dear to my heart & am a firm believer that the presence of intentional community can change your life. Everybody has a story, and leaning into one another's can teach us a lot about not only where we've come from, but also where we're going & how to get there. So I'm sharing what I'm learning in hopes that one day, another person might lean into it for a smile, laugh, or a reminder of how sweet life can be when it's full of MARYment!