A Day In Munich, Germany


Yesssss, I know, it’s almost been a year since our trip to Germany and I’m JUST NOW getting around to writing the Munich blog. As writers, it’s sometimes hard to just sit down and knock out an awesome blog that makes the readers love a city as much as you do. (so. much. pressure.) Regardless if that’s my excuse or I’ve just been lazy, I promise this blog will make up for it!

After experiencing a little bit of Hungary and Vienna, we wanted a little taste of Germany’s culture (and all of it’s great beer) for the last leg of our trip. If you’re just popping into the country for a couple of days, we would highly recommend Munich being your stopping point! Not only will you get to explore one of Germany’s central hubs, but you can easily take trips to surrounding areas to experience some of Germany’s most historical points: Dachau Concentration Camp & Memorial Site and Neuschwanstein Castle. (Next Blog to come!)



Although most people like to visit churches and cathedrals in Europe for it’s interior and exterior architecture, the real draw for the oldest church in Munich is the bird’s eye view of the city from the top of church! Little fact, it takes 299 steps to get to the top, BUT IT'S OH SO WORHT IT! I mean, check out that view! {...slow clap...}


Rathaus-Glockenspiel is located on the city center's square, Marienplatz. Crowds gather daily on the square at 11am, 12pm, and 5pm, to watch the the clock's mechanical figures reenact historical events while dancing to old folky tunes. It's one of those things you've just to go to experience because it's soooo Munich. Plus, there is PLENTY of good food, beer and shopping around the square to entertain yourself with while you wait!


Was this initially on my list of top things to do going into this trip? Not exactly, but nevertheless I'm really glad we took time to check it out! The inside of the baroque styled church is BREATHTAKING. It literally blows my mind to think about the time and dedication it took the ASAM brothers to construct something so intricate and beautiful. It's hard to focus on just one thing while inside the church because there are details on top of details on top of details. A quick stop on your tour of the city, but one that will leave a lasting impression on you for sure.


Okkkkay, here's the part I know you are all really excited about: the beer. Obviously Munich is known worldwide for a little thing called Oktoberfest, but even if you can't make it for the holiday, beer is still a BIG thing in Munich. One of the oldest beer halls in Munich, it was first created to serve the Royal Residence. Eventually the beer got too popular due to the natural ingredients they used in the beer, and they started letting us commoners drink it as well. {CHEERS TO THAT!} One of the most well known bars today, the room is setup with community seating, so you're bound to make new friends over a pint! {the size of your head}

Although it seems like a lot, you can honestly knock out this trip in two days! If you can arrive in Munich earlier in the day, you can spend the first half of the day exploring the city’s highlights listed above, and dedicate the second half of the day for Dachau, ending the night with a beer at Hofbräuhaus, or another popular local brewery. The second day you can devote to a day tour of the Bavarian Alps, which includes Neuschwanstein Castle -- probably one of our favorite tours we’ve ever taken and totally worth spending a full day of your trip on! More to come on that!

*More Beer Please! :)