A Different Kind Of New Year Resolution

Deep breaths. I may or may not be hyperventilating over here.

It felt just like yesterday we were prepping ourselves for the big y2k fallout when every Walmart looked like a scene from any zombie movie (or snow apocalypse if you’re from Arkansas) we’ve ever seen.

And look at us now.


Time sure does fly when you’re having fun right? No really. It flies. Sometimes I feel like I’m the 16 yr old girl I have no doubt I still look like.

(First goal of 2014: Don’t have any one question whether you’re 12, 16, or 18, when you’re 24. Guys laugh all you want. 12 really did happen. It was a low moment in my life.)

Anyways, this last week I’ve really been trying to piece together some good wisdom for yall with the big 2-0-1-4 approaching. I mean, that’s what the “New Year” is all about right? Looking back on the past year, realizing what you did wrong and what you did right, and offering advice, wisdom and goals for the next year…

Well I’ve been struggling. I really wanted to lay something profound on your guys–something that would warrant a check mark by my name on Twitter for being legit. (…as if I’m not already…)

Here’s the deal. My life is a hott mess, and I’m not sure anyone would want to take advice from me. If I offered ya’ll wisdom for the new year, I have no doubt I would receive multiple middle fingers as a response in return.

It’s your way of loving me, don’t worry, I know that. What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger right? **sob**

Next option was to set some stereotypical goals I knew I would NEVER reach like:

1) Work out everyday.

2) Stop eating sweets.

3) Cut down on my naps during the week.

4) Move up a bra size.

5) Stop blowing my paychecks.

But since I’m falling short of coming up with “realistic” goals, I feel like maybe I should focus more on goals that are a different kind of self-improvement from what I usually set for myself.

(Fingers crossed you’re still prayin’ from me. If anything, I hope this blog has just shown you that heaven knows I could use all the help/prayers I can get.)

Especially now that I’m talking about self-improvement. I’m inwardly scoffing at the idea. Why improve on perfection?

Just kidding friends. Don’t worry. I’m not THAT conceited.

Although I’m excited to mark off a majority of our twenty-4tunes list, I guess with the New Year, I’d like a little bit more than passport stamps and a new hand-gun.

I want to be REFINED. I want to be made into a better version of me.

Make fun of me all you want too, (I grew up with an older brother, I’m use to it), but I love this quote from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and I feel like it sums up everything I want in this next year… and well, just LIFE.

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

So although these might seem like small “goals” for the New Year, I pray they have a BIG impact. That said, here are three ways I hope to improve myself in the 2014:

1) Put my phone down more often, and soak in the moment. I don’t want social media to be the death of my relationships with others. Intentionality is not a lost art. HASHTAG THAT.

2) Be more content. If I fear the future, if I desire to be something I’m not, then I am not truly trusting that God has a great plan for me. I’m ok–and it’s about time I realized that.

3) Choose joy. ALWAYS. (Don’t worry, you’ll get to hear more about that in the next blog.)

Honestly, in the world we live in today, I feel like these might be something we could all strive to focus a little bit more on. As exciting as the New Year can be with all the “newness” it brings, let’s not forget about the basics–the core of what true happiness is all about: Relationships, Contentment and Joy.

So maybe this hott-mess did have some advice to give after all.

No matter what our goals are, dammit, 2014 will be a good year friends. Believe in it.