Baby Girl Toland

If you know me, you know that I get extremely anxious not knowing the ending to a book or a movie that I’m super invested in. So, when it came to knowing that our baby was first healthy, and then second a boy or girl, it probably comes as no surprise that I was eagerly counting down the seconds until we had our answers. So naturally, when the opportunity to have a genetic test came up at thirteen weeks, we jumped on it!

The 13-week genetic test would not only tell us information about our baby’s health, but it also would tell us the gender based on the chromosome count in my blood work. In the past, you had to wait until the 20-week ultrasound to tell if the baby was a boy or girl by a good ole genital check. {Never did I think I would blog the phrase “genital check”…} Although I think we’ll wait for the 20-week test with future babies, this was a GREAT option for first time mothers who are overly anxious like me, or who have concerns about genetic disorders that might run in the family. {If your insurance covers it, I would highly recommend it simply for the peace of mind!}

To find out the gender results, Drew and I decided that we wanted to do the gender reveal just between the two of us before doing a surprise reveal with our families. We ended up buying two cupcakes that had the color of Baby T’s gender inside for an at-home, more intimate reveal. From the beginning, Drew and I have assumed it would be a girl — Drew has three sisters, and I come from a family FULL of girls. Plus, Winnie {our dog} was a diva already, so we figured it was just preparing us for an all girl household. But, with both siblings on both sides of our families only having boys so far, we thought there could still be a chance it was a boy!

Final Edits-1.jpeg

And to our delight -- it was pink!!

And, not to get too crazy, but up to that point I had had ZERO dreams about this baby… until the night before our reveal of course. That night I had three different dreams that were all gender reveals, all being girls. CRAZY INDEED. I just like to think my brain was trying to tell me what my heart already knew. Isn’t that what mother’s intuition is all about?!

Although we had done an intimate reveal just between the two of us, we still wanted to capture some photos that we could share with Baby Girl one day. Huge thanks to my brother-in-law, Blake, for taking the time to capture these sweet moments AND for keeping a secret from the rest of our family!

Also, can we just take a moment to really appreciate the genuine excitement on Drew’s face in the first photo above?! Melt. My. Heart. While I, on the other hand, look somewhat scared…. Probably because I know I was a handful, and I can only imagine that any daughter of mine will be a troublemaker as well!

Final Edits-3.jpeg
Final Edits-4.jpeg

Needless to say, we are SO excited to welcome a little girl into our family!! I have no doubt that Drew is going to be a fantastic girl-dad, and I can’t wait to develop a mother-daughter bond with this little one! Although, someone might still need to teach me how to tie a bow before she gets here…

We can't wait to meet you baby girl! -xoxo- Mom & Dad

For an added bonus, if you want to see me almost get tackled to the ground when our family found out the gender, here’s a quick video of the gender reveal with the Farrish clan at Thanksgiving!