2017, Forever on my heart.

When I was little, I loved journaling {surprise surprise} and I loved taking pictures. See, one of my biggest fears while growing up {and let's be honest, it's still one today} was that somehow I would forget about all the milestones in life -- all the special moments that grew me, that made me laugh, or that just held a special place in my heart. I didn't want to look back in 10, 20, 50 years and not remember all the wonderful feelings that accompanied each memory. I wanted the snapshot to not only be engrained in my scrapbook, but also in my mind forever. 

Looking back on the past is important. It reminds us where we've come from, and where we want to go. 

2017. What. A. Year.

Going into this past year I knew it was going to be a special one with our wedding on the near horizon, but I'm not sure I could have ever quite realized JUST how great of a year it was going to be. I've always been a pretty sentimental person {so apologies for the cheesiness} BUT this year has left a really big imprint on my heart. Big changes have happened. New places have been explored. More amazing people have been added to the family. Dreams have been pursued. Lessons have been learned. And A LOT of laughter has taken place. 

So in order {I think}, here are some of my favorite memories of this past year:

ringin' in 2017 in Bolivia

Drew and I had the incredible opportunity to ring in 2017 with a large group of our friends in La Paz, Bolivia! Shortly after the New Year, we took a side trip to see Lake Tititaca -- the {supposedly} birthplace of the Incas. It was such a cool, unique cultural experience that I'll always remember, and the views from our hike were breathtakingly beautiful. 


becoming mr. & mrs. toland

Best. Memory. Ever. Just in case anyone was wondering, we're still laughing like the picture below. It's sad to think this was almost a year ago -- but MAN O MAN will this forever be tattooed on my heart. New year, new memories, but never letting go of this one. Can't wait to see what the next year holds for us!

18238889_4480821211681_4888036969667912_o 2.jpg

honeymooning in jamica

I'm actually getting just a little honeymoon-sick right now looking at this picture. Missing those beaches. The people. And a full week with my HUSBAND. Not pictured was the 180 foot waterfall we climbed, Dunn's River Falls which is U.N.R.E.A.L.

19060111_4563476398009_2228076746801036876_n 2.jpg

Moving into our first home together.

Making a home a HOME is such a fun, memorable experience. Not only have we made 1533 our haven, but it's also been where so many of our new traditions have started! Grateful for a place to come home to together, to build community in, and to one day {God-willing} raise a family in!



Celebrating my sister getting engaged

Makes me want to cry just thinking about this all over again. So much joy. So many answered prayers. She got a good one, but Blake got the gem of the world with this one. And look at that rock!!!


exploring austin, kansas city & Savannah with some of my best friends

Surround yourself with good people. People that love to be goofy. Love to be intentional with one another. And that love to eat tacos and ice cream with you. Blessed doesn't even sum up what these friends mean to me. {Also, I would HIGHLY recommend all three locations for a good girl's weekend! You can read more about our trip to Savannah here.}

C59E807D-7384-49EF-9DB6-D998523649DD 2.jpg

Meeting our new nephew Lincoln 

We are now an Aunt & Uncle to 3 precious little boys -- Lincoln being the newest to join the family!! If you guys haven't ever seen Drew hold a baby before, it will MELT YOUR HEART. 

You are so loved little one, don't you ever forget it.


watching my sister marry the love of her life

Never forgetting this day and all the emotions. What a beautiful bride. What a beautiful couple. Crazy to think that my parents married off TWO daughters this year. It's also so fun to think that we'll all hold 2017 as a special year in our hearts.


watching a strong man become even stronger

Shortly after my sister's wedding, my grandpa had to have open heart surgery to fix his aorta. A big surgery for an 84-yr old man that left us all a little anxious, but this guy... this guy is such a fighter. He's surgery went great, and although the recovery's been tough, grandpa never complains. He's still trying to figure out what project to work on next, and what he can do to help his family. No surgery is gonna change just how big his heart is for loving on others. 


adventuring with drew on his first european trip

There are multiple things that I was excited for with marriage, but one of the biggest was getting to adventure to new places with Drew! I finally got show him why I love Great Britain so much, and now I think he's officially hooked. PTL!

{More to come on this trip in a future blog, but also the White Cliffs of Dover in the picture below.... Absolutely breathtaking. A bucket list item everyone needs to add to their list!}


creating a new twinventure

Not only did we get to explore England & Iceland together, but we also got to travel with some of our best friends on the first Toland-Roberts trip! Although this trip looked a little different with the boys, it's still sweet to get to create new memories with my sister as MARRIED peeps that travel together! After this trip, Mad & I have now explored 10 countries together. {How crazy is that?!}

LRG_DSC01525 2.jpg

seeing the northern lights in iceland

The Aurora Borealis. Pictures do not do it justice. The lights are breathtaking, majestical, and speak into how amazingly powerful and cool our God is.  One of my favorite memories of 2017 is sitting in a hot tub, in the middle of nowhere in Iceland with my best friends, surrounded by fields and mountains, watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky.

THIS should be at the top of everyone's bucket list. You won't regret it.

experiencing god's power & majesty in nature

I feel closest to God in nature, and there's no greater place to see his creation than Iceland. You get a little bit of everything in Iceland -- jaw-dropping waterfalls, black beaches with larger than life waves, wheat kissed plains, and ice capped mountains. All that appears untouched from human hands which just reminds you of the powerful, holy hands that created this world, and us in his image. Creation should not be worshiped for it's beauty, but instead it should be point you to the maker of it all -- God -- and Iceland does just that.

singing happy birthday to our 90 yr old great aunt

There's few people in life that are TRULY joyful, but my Great Aunt Jane is one of them. I only wish that everyone could have heard the praises, accomplishments and love that poured out from her friends and family while celebrating her 90th birthday. They even dedicated the Christmas Angels in the downtown square in her name... Angel for an angel. Truly befitting for this woman. 


acting like kids again to celebrate nick's 30th

There's few times throughout the year where our whole family can get together, so celebrating Nick's birthday at Silver Dollar City really was quite the treat! Acting like a bunch of kids, while we get to show the little ones why we love it so much -- if you know Nick, it was the perfect birthday party for him. Thankful for each one of these guys and all the love they bring to our family.

celebrating our first christmas together

Getting to celebrate your favorite holiday with your favorite guy... Nothing beats that. Although change is hard and we're still getting use to each other's own traditions, the sweetness that comes while trying to figure out together is what really leaves an imprint on your marriage. I loved getting to be with Drew while he experienced his first 'Farrish Christmas', but I loved even more starting our own Christmas traditions together as the Tolands!


Ringing In The New Year

Thankful I get to end the year with this one, as well as start the next one! Can't wait to see what 2018 holds for us -- but I've got a feeling 2017 is going to be hard one to beat! Regardless, LEEEEET'S GOOOOOO!

Love ya lots 2017. Thanks for all the memz, cherishing them forever.