Champagne Holidays

Tis’ the season to toast and get toasty with friends and loved ones as you celebrate the holidays this year! What better way to celebrate {and help you tolerate those unwanted guests at holiday parties}, then with Champagne. Cozy up to a winter fire with a loved one with our Apple Cider mimosa, enjoy Christmas parties with our our fun Cranberry cocktail, or toast to the New Year with our Pop Rock Delight---regardless of the occasion, just always remember, Champagne IS the answer.


This holiday season, our friends at The Bottle in Fayetteville, Arkansas helped us create three seasonal cocktails with their favorite {and highly awarded} bottle of champagne: Domaine Ste. Michelle Extra Dry

{Blend: 63% Chardonnay, 19% Pinot Noir, 18% Pinot Gris

Price Point: $13-$14}


Photo: @Photo.Ventures

Photo: @Photo.Ventures


1/4 Cup of Champagne

 1/2 Cup of Apple Cider

1 Apple slice 

Sugar, or Edible Silver Sparkles

Wet the rim of your glass and roll it in sugar, or edible silver sparkles. Next, fill your glass with 1//2 Cup of Apple Cider and 1/4 Cup of Champagne. Place an Apple slice on the edge of the rim for style points.




1-Ounce of Cranberry Juice (sweetened)

1 wedge of lime, sliced


Cranberries (frozen)

Combine champagne and cranberry juice, with a squeeze of lime, to a chilled flute. Add 3-4 cranberries and a slice of lime for decoration, and to help keep the drink cold!


Photo: @Photo.Ventures

Photo: @Photo.Ventures

Rock Candy Champagne


Rock Candy Sticks (any color)

Wet the rim of your glass and roll it in sugar, or edible silver sparkles. Next, add your Rock Candy to your Champagne flute and then pour your champagne on top. Watch the candy sizzle and pop!

Plus, you can use different colors of Rock Candy to change the color of your drink.



Special thanks to our friends at The Bottle for helping us get in the holiday spirit!

(...literally and figuratively...)

Cheers to you friends, Happy Holidays!