So, let’s just get this out in the open…

I miss college functions.


Yes, I know I’m almost 25, and dressing up in costumes should be well-out-of my system by now, but can we just get real here? Everyone loves it. The opportunity to step into a different character’s shoes for a night is, well, exhilarating to say the least. {I know all you ex-sorority girls are thinking the same thing…}

COME ON PEOPLE… you get to use those creative juices and Pinterest boards that otherwise would just be going to waste…you get to wear something you probably wouldn’t wear in public on a normal basis…and you have an excuse to fully embrace a side of your imagination you’ve always wanted to explore, but never really had the opportunity for out of fear of being socially shunned…

Costume parties are the shiznit no matter what your age is. We all know it.

…And then, on top of it all, you throw in Jay Gatsby.


The man might be a fictitious character, but can we just give him a round of applause real quick?!

1) Because hello, Leonardo freakin’ DiCaprio got to bless the world with his performance of Jay Gatsby in the movie adaptation of  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, “The Great Gatsby”. With no Jay, we have no Leo looking smokin’ hott in a tuxedo. And for that,




But more importantly…

2) The man knew how to throw a PAR-TAY!

There’s no doubt that Gatsby set the bar high for parties. The champagne was always flowing, confetti was always falling, music was always bumpin’, and the people just couldn’t stop dancing. Gatsby’s parties were the stuff dreams are made out of.

Why would we NOT want to try to replicate that much fun? Why would we NOT want our boys dressing up in suspenders and suits, looking all fly for the night? Why would we NOT want the chance to whip out our pearls for our most perfect flapper girl impressions?

Why would we NOT want a night full of champagne, confetti and friends?

Listen. That’s all I’m screamin’ here…

Of COURSE we had to throw a Great Gatsby party, there was no doubt about it! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s have a reality check…Sadly, money does not grow on trees and my roommates and I don’t live in a mansion stocked with confetti machines, fireworks and a swimming pool with a piano in it…YET. {A girl can dream right?!}

I won’t offend Gatsby by comparing our party to his, but for us fresh-out-of-college-costume-loving-champagne-drinking-party-going people, Gatsby gave us a reason to at least TRY and celebrate him in all his glory.

So, here’s a peek at how my roommates and I threw our Great Gatsby Party:

You always have to start with the decorations. If your house doesn’t look the part, people can’t play the part.

Let’s be honest, it’s not a real party without Christmas lights…they just have a way of making EVERYTHING feel magical.


A little flair to go over the bar area, just in case that drink didn’t pack enough punch.

A common question I kept asking my friends was, “What do people do for entertainment at parties when they’re out of college?”


{I mean are we really that old people?!}

So, needless to say, we had to get our creative juices flowing for this one. Martini pong, swing dancing, confetti wars, a homemade picture booth with props, a poker table, and of course The Great Gatsby movie playing in the background…

I would love to hashtag #nailedit right here, but I might be jjjuuusssttt a little biased…

{…You can be honest friends… it’s not like your next party invite depends on it or anything…}

You can’t hate how perfect our backyard is for entertaining either.

 Also, say hello to our Great Gatsby playlist: 20’s music with a modern twist to it to get the night kicked off just right. We all know there ain’t no party without some jamzzzz.

{I’m not saying Eminem and Lil Wayne were on by the end of the night… but I’m also not prepared to say that they weren’t…}

But the one thing you can’t forget is….

The Costumes. 

Ladies, you’ve finally found a reason to wear those boas & pearls without someone mistaking you for a lost Vegas showgirl. *PRAISE HANDS*

And… just a moment of silence for these good lookin’ fellas. Suspenders and bow-ties ALL DAY LONG PLEASE.

{But for real… to all my single friends, Great Gatsby parties are like a freakin’ gold mine.}

And can I just add this picture? Because it wins everything…

{Ok, but for real, she really did win best costume award.}


But to really pull it off, you’ve got to have hostesses* that are willing to get on Gatsby’s level.

So here’s to the roommates who believe everyone needs a little confetti & champagne in their lives, even when it ends up all over our house!

So throw caution to the wind, whip out those costumes and pop some champagne with your friends. Everybody deserves a little Gatsby in their lives.

And when in doubt, just remember:

“A little party never killed nobody.”


*{Special shoutout to our friends who helped us make decorations and host the party–thanks for believing in the Gatsby dream with us!}*