A Dose Of My Own Medicine




But seriously, you guys miss me?! {& my love for Eminem that is. I know, I know…I’m the complete package. LUCKY YOU.}

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on this ole’ thang, but I promise I have a really good excuse…

See, I finally took my own advice for once. Remember this?

“In our southern culture there is an overall perception that our lives should run on a specific schedule–that there is a clearly defined time frame for everything in a woman’s life…

Let me be more clear–each milestone is something to rejoice, BUT, there is still so much beauty in the in-between. Grab hold of it, wrap yourself up in it, and hold tight to it–get as close as you can to those little moments of life and cherish them. If we keep hoping, and wishing for the next stage of life, we’ll keep missing what today has to offer us.”

Here’s the deal, sometimes it’s easier to put your thoughts on paper instead of into actions, and I’ll be the first one to tell you I’m guilty of occasionally doing this. For example, my friends love coming to me for relationship advice.


I KNOW YOU’RE LAUGHING RIGHT NOW, but believe it or not, I’m pretty decent at dishing out relationship advice. {…Or I’m just really good at spewing out BS…Has my whole life been a lie? Friends, be honest with me.}

But for some reason I usually have a hard time taking my own advice on how to woo over the opposite sex. {Looking back now, asking for my date to hand over his man-card on the second date probably wasn’t the smartest move to make right? … *Help*} Although I know what others need to hear, I sometimes ignore that “wise” woman inside of me, crying to be heard.

But not this time. This time I finally took a dose of my own medicine.

I stopped running through life, took a deep breath, and opened my eyes to this BEAUTIFUL life swirling around right in front of me, RIGHT. NOW.

And O-M-GEE is it beautiful.

I made the choice that I didn’t want to miss out on the in-between.

I don’t want to look back fifty years from now and regret how I spent  my life at this point in time. I don’t want to miss out on all of the adventure, laughter, friendship, and growth that is surrounding me, just waiting for me to explore and dive deep into. I don’t want to miss out on feeling life vibrate throughout me in a way that would leave me so electrified, that I could never be the same Mary Beth I was yesterday, today, or tomorrow.

I know I know I know…. I’m SOOOO overdramatic sometimes.

You still love me.

The other day my sister and I we’re driving down the road talking about how tired we’ve been lately. I mean we’re talking bone-weary tired–like we just got done running a marathon and our bodies are crying for our beds kind of tired. And why do you ask?

Because we’ve been simply livin’ life.

We threw away everything we assumed this world wanted from us, and decided to forge our own paths. We prayed for God to give us opportunities, friends, adventure, and memories to focus on right now during this point in life instead of what was out of control in the future .

And let me tell you, when it rains it pours. 

And for once, I don’t want an umbrella. {QUIT IT RIHANNA} I’ve been, and want to continue to soak all of this up. There’s so much I’ve learned, so much I’ve experienced, and so much more out there I’m excited to explore.

Don’t get me wrong–it hasn’t been all kicks & giggles. The in-between is still LIFE. I’ve had a taste of some of the darkest moments of life that we never expect to happen, and I’ve also tasted some of the most exhilarating moments of life that has lit a fire under me wanting MORE. It won’t stop. The in-between is a constant life cycle that we go through pre & post every big milestone in our lives…And if you embrace it instead of running from it, you might just learn to love it.

‘Cause let me tell ya, it happened to this girl.

I’m just bursting to tell you all about it…Don’t worry, yall just stay tuned for more cause this homegirl is about to SHOUT ABOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOP.


Like my role model once told me…

-Scotty P., “Meet The Millers”

Let’s live it up people.