Love, The Tolands

Yall, sorry for all the gushiness that is about to happen BUT I CAN'T HELP IT. 

i'm married.

February 4th, 2017. We could have not asked for a more perfect day to become Mr. & Mrs. Toland. Seriously, Jesus was so sweet in making our wedding day everything that we could dream about AND MORE. We have never felt so loved, and are incredibly thankful for everyone who was able to celebrate with us. There's something special about starting a new chapter of life surrounded by the people who have prayed over you, loved on you, and celebrated with you for so long. So thank you friends. You mean the world to us.

I know I know, it was five-ish months ago {WHAT}, but every time I watch our wedding video I am overwhelmed with the emotions and memories from that day. If you want to peace out and stop reading, check out the video above before you do. I'm sure you won't be able to stop smiling -- just like we can't! 

Although all I would love to do is put every picture on the blog, I decided to just pick my top ten moments from our wedding day and tell you why they'll always be tattooed on my heart. 

One - Our First Look

Nothing prepared me for this moment, or for that smile. Not until the first look did it REALLY hit me that I was about to get married. And OH HOW SWEET this moment was -- here is really where the beginning started. Here is where my heart almost burst out of my chest. Here is where I knew that nothing in the world would stop me from marrying this man, that day. And just to make it even better, he gave me an EAR CUFF to wear... *praise hands*  He sure knows how to love me SO dang well.

Two - Having My Best Friends By My Side

For all of you future brides, my one piece of advice is to surround yourself with amazing, encouraging, and loving friends {not only on your wedding day, but for life.} I know these girls will be by my side, now and forever, and there was no one else I'd rather have stand by my side on the most important day of my life than these ten girls. Thanks for all the laughs, for all of the celebrations, and all the mimosas. Deep love my friends. Forever.

three - being Forever a farrish

There's something really bittersweet about leaving your family to join a new one. The were multiple moments where I had to remind Madison that we would ALWAYS be the Farrish Twins, regardless of what either of our last names were. I'm so incredibly grateful for this family -- for always being my support system, and for teaching me what unconditional love really is. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without you four -- thank you with all of my heart. Love you guys to the moon and back, and back again.

four - These Sweet moments with my dad

if you know my dad, you know that he is a jokester by nature, which was exactly what I needed leading up to this moment. But yall, I will never forget the few minutes we had together before the doors opened -- my dad gripping my hand tightly and telling me that he didn't need to give me any extra advice because I was doing just great in his eyes -- my heart about exploded. And although you had to hand me off, Dad, please never let go. I'll always be your little girl. 

five - when we finally sealed the deal

The kiss we'll remember forever. SAY HELLO TO MR. & MRS. TOLAND PEEPS!! {can't get out of this now Drew...} PS. Right before this, Clark read the three things we love about one another. I may or may have not said his rocking hot bod. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. Jealousy. Everywhere.

Six - our first moments as mr. & mrs. toland

We did it. We really, really did it guys. It's an incredible testament to what God has done in both of our lives -- Grateful for those moments where you can just stop, breathe, and soak in both the big and small memories together. We couldn't be more excited about what's next, cause now {and FO-RE-EVR} we've got each other. 


seven - our first dance

"All I see are angels, All these streets are gold, That lead to you, If touching love is touching God, No wonder I'm in heaven, when I'm holding you, Simple as a song, a melody repeating in this heart, I don't know when the chorus came, Where I heard it first, or when it started

I won't be holding my breath for chariots, I'm not just waiting for skies to part, You've been my glimpse of Kingdom right from the start, And you got me touching heaven, ooo, Got me touching heaven, ooo..." -Johnnyswim

{OKAY YOU CAUGHT ME. Had to sneak this one in here because 1) we FINALLY got to eat cake annnnnnnd 2) you get a great glimpse into the amazing work my Aunt Patti and a group of women did to transform the venue into a BEAUTIFUL place full of winter magic}

Eight - madison catching the bouquet

PURE JOY. This was not planned. I PROMISE. Although it really couldn't have worked out any better! I literally went crazy after I turned around and realized my twin sister had caught the bouquet. Nobody realizes how hard it is to be a twin and to be the one who gets married first. We went from having our lives mirror one another, to a dramatic change where neither of us could quite figure out how to relate. Now I'm not saying catching the bouquet changed all of that! But I like to think it was the start of the beginning for Mad... three months later she's now engaged. I like to think I mmmmmmmight have played a small part in that ;) #bouquetmagic

nine - finally getting to party with our friends

We may or may have not done the Dirty Dancing lift at our wedding... I'll just leave it at that.

But seriously. All the dancing, all the hugs, all the loud squeals, and all my favorites in one place. MY. KIND. OF. PARTY. Thanks friends for the memories, we'll never forget how well you celebrated us.


ten - our farewell

Again, big thanks to everyone -- You literally made our wedding day a dream come true. We love you guys so stinking much. Thanks for braving the cold, and warming up our hearts!  I joke that I want to go back and do it all over again, buuuut now we'll just have to find another reason to party with you all!

#itstolandtime FOREVER now. Whoop whoop, LET'S DO THIS!


The Tolands

Photographer: Two Carters Photography, Videographer: Tanja Fehner, Flowers: Zuzu's Petals, Cake: Chuck's Cake Shoppe, Dress: Couture Bridal, Catering: The Event Group, Tshirts: B-Unlimited, Decorations: Vintage Vows