Capturing The Bump

Bed Rest. Not something I’m great at is what I’ve learned recently. It’s really hard for me to sit still for long periods of time — my mind is constantly jumping to what I COULD be doing, or what I NEED to be doing to get my checklist complete for the day. After a small fall (tip: don’t wear heels in the rain at 34 weeks pregnant), I was ordered to stick to bed rest for two weeks to make sure Baby T didn’t come earlier than she was supposed to. TWO WEEKS. I’m incredibly grateful that it wasn’t longer, but if you know me at all, two weeks of resting at home about drove me insane!

While we were in the hospital for our little fall, one of the things that made me just a tad sad was the possibility that we wouldn’t have any maternity pictures before Baby T got here! I knew that it wouldn’t be the end of the world — getting to hold our baby for the first time completely trumped maternity pictures — but, I had been looking forward to getting at least ONE picture of Drew and me together with the bump. As first timers, this was something I wanted to document. Plus, I’m just sentimental about capturing some of our favorite memories together! {And clearly having a baby together is one of them!!}

Thankfully, one of our good friends was able to come over to our house and take some pictures while I continued to “rest.” {AKA, notice my bootie on the ground in a lot of these pictures, Drew wasn’t going to let me off the hook of following doctor’s orders! :) Love him.} Which makes this first series ironic because we’re literally in bed, taking pictures while on bed rest, but I digress.

Huge shoutout to our friend Claire Reed — we are incredibly thankful to have these photos to remember this special time in our lives! I’m not sure I could love my husband anymore, but every time I look at these photos my heart leaps with just overflowing love for him as a husband, while also imagining what he’s going to be like as a father. UGH. I CANNOT WAIT.


{Don’t worry friends, I’ll post another blog with more pictures of Baby T’s room soon! We’re pretty in love with it. These pictures actually capture what we like to do while we wait on her: just hang out in her room and imagine what this next new chapter will be like!)




We couldn’t forget to grab some pictures with the third member of our family! I like to think this first picture is a clear representation of what we imagine Winnie’s ‘shocked face’ will be like when she realizes she’s no longer the baby of the family…


My family. all my heart right here.

We can’t wait to add a fourth addition to this gang soon! We appreciate all the prayers as we head into these last few weeks! I am now officially 37 weeks and off of bed rest, PTL, so we are now just anxiously counting down the days until she gets here! We know a big change is about to take place, but we cannot wait to figure out how to be parents to our sweet baby girl! {And Winnie can’t wait to be a big sister of course… ;)}


Come on baby T! We're ready to meet you!

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