Our 27 List

A couple of years ago, we made a Twenty-4tunes list that encouraged us, inspired us and pushed us to make the most of being 24 -- and we absolutely LOVED it. 24 was one of the most memorable years so far. We experienced a lot of firsts, grew as individuals and really enjoyed opportunities God blessed us with.

Three years later, as we were about to turn 27 {LAWRD HOW THE TIME FLIES}, we decided we wanted to make another list. Not because we expect 27 to be dull or boring {just the opposite}, or because we feel like we need more, but simply because we want to stretch ourselves -- we want to continue to make the most of each day we've been granted here. We want to be refined and pushed to be better versions of ourselves.

{Please don't discount our seriousness when you read #10 - BEST VERSIONS PEOPLE.}

So as we laid on our heating pads {age will do that you} and brainstormed about what this next year would look like, we decided that these twenty-seven things are what we want to challenge ourselves to accomplish:

1. #GetMaryMarried  {FEB 4TH HERE WE COME! Side note... this will be the first time we will have lived apart from one another.... #prayforus}

2. A couples trip to a place we’ve never been {looking at you Beau, Bae and Fiancés} 

3. Say YES to as many things as possible {bringing this one back from our previous list because it's THAT good}

4. Visit a new country {bet you didn't see that one coming...}

5. Learn how to budget & stick to it {aka be better with financials, and learn that you shouldn't always splurge on that $100 velvet dress...}

6. Join a bible study or help lead one {cause we all need more Jesus in our lives}

7. Read a new book every month {is it completely nerdy of us to say this is one of the ones we're most excited about?!}

8. Get involved with a charity or serve at a local nonprofit / volunteer {if you know of any good service opportunities, let us know!}

9. Bringing back two weeks of no sweets {;af234u&(*F)FK%$*^% <--- that's how we feel about that one...}

10. Go one day wearing all denim {LIFE GOALS PEOPLE LIFE GOALS}

11. Be more intentional with loving friends & family / Write a letter once a month to encourage someone {we love you guys, and want to make sure you know it!}

12. Date your sister {I'm sure our guys are shaking their heads, but guys there's A LOT of change happening in our lives right now! This is just a sweet reminder to take two nights of the month to hang out one on one so we can catch up and still feel all those sister vibes}

13. Mentor younger women in our community {& in return be mentored because we need as much help as we can get CAN I GET AN AMEN}

14. Cross off another bucket list concert {we did hear Phil Collins is coming back to tour... *praise hands*}

15. Road trip somewhere in the US (mom we’re looking at YOU!!}

16. Pickup a new hobby, or develop an already existing passion {TBD}

17. Make our bed everyday {#adulting} {but really, the struggle is real}

18. Watch our top 10 80s-90s movies with our little cousins {we've already started doing this with our cousins and love it. 1) we get to spend good quality time with them 2) we get to introduce them to all of our favorite movies growing up. It's a win win for everyone}

19. Expand our community {we LOVE our friends, but truly believe it's always good to meet new people and make new connections. Plus we have so much love & chocolate chip cookies to share with someone...}

20. Stay in a hobbit cave or castle tree house in Eureka Springs {ok, does this make us better human beings? No. Is it completely BadA that you could sleep in a spot modeled after Lord of the Rings? Yes. We rest our case.}

21. Run a 10K {PRAY FOR US}

22. See a new Broadway show together {fingers crossed it's the new Anastasia play that just came out, but regardless we're just excited to see people dance and sing like we've always wanted too}

23. Visit Hogwarts {okay, let's be real, THIS DREAM WILL NEVER DIE}

24. Host a themed / cocktail / murder mystery party {this is purely for fun annnd because it helps cultivate community annnd because we always need a good excuse to try out a new cocktail}

25. Tryout a new workout {because as Drew likes to say, "We need the insides to be good so we can live a long life}

26. Memorize a bible verse each month {"For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edge sword... discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart." - Hebrews 4:12}

27. Work hard at everything we do and always be kind {want to join us?!}

But seriously, we would love anyone to join us on our adventure this next year! If one of those things is speaking to ya, let us know and we'll make sure to include you as we venture into it!

We're excited about this next year and can't wait to see what God has in store for us -- regardless if we cross off every item on that list, or only one, we know it's going to be a good one. We can't wait to share our stories and adventures along the way!


-XOXO- MB & Mad