25 Holiday Essentials

Let The Countdown Begin!

If you’ve ever read my blog before, you’ll know that I love making lists. Lists about being single, about adventures I’ve wanted to take, or even lists about my dreams to become a Victoria Secret Model.

But this list, this list is THE LIST of all lists.

This list is all about the Holiday Essentials, and what you need to make the next month full of Holiday cheer! 

25 items & activities that, with the help of my {amazing/wonderful/incredible/fun} friends, we’ve determined help make for a great holiday season. Hopefully our list of Holiday Essentials will help you celebrate the holiday season this year!

Happy Holidays!!


1. Wassail

“Something hott that taste like all-things-Christmas to help warm you up on those cold, wintry nights.” -Madison


Hott Coco you’re good… but Wassail… ya Wassail you deserve some PRAISE HANDS.

Who needs a boyfriend to keep you warm when you’ve got Wassail?!

2. Williams Sonoma Spiced Chestnut Hand Soap

“When else would you spend $13 on hand soap?” -Kara

Just go ahead and SPICE UP YO LIFE.


3. Sugar Cookies To Decorate

1. They’re yummy 2. You get to let your inner kid come out for some fun 3. It’s great to do with your family or friends 4. Santa might just leave you a little somethin-somethin for taking the time to fill his belly.

You’re welcome dad.

4. Flannels. Flannels. & More Flannels.

Men, women love you in flannels. Embrace that. {PLEASE}

Women, if you’re not wearing flannel once a week, you’re just doing something wrong. Flannel shirts, flannel scarves, flannel vests, flannel jackets… Let’s be honest, you can never have enough flannel!

5. White Christmas

“Because Bing Crosby is the definition of Christmas (after Jesus of course).” -Madison

I mean, grab your blanket, start a fire, and just go ahead and snuggle up with Bing this holiday season–You’ll thank me later.

{You also can’t go wrong with Holiday Inn, Meet Me In St. Louis, It’s A Wonderful Life, or Christmas In Connecticut.}

6. A REAL Christmas Tree

“It’s a fun tradition and it makes the house smell incredible!” -Alex

{Confession… this is actually my first year to get a real Christmas tree… but it feels right… I mean, I feel like it’s time that I finally experienced what everyone’s been screamin’ about ya know? Believe me, this girl is e-x-c-i-t-e-d.}


7. Onesies

Onesies, flannel PJ sets… I mean as long as you’re covered from head to toe in thick, comfy, warm fabric, I don’t think you can really go wrong. Plus, I mean, what boy wouldn’t dig em?! {Go get em tiger! *knucks*}

 {PS that’s my friend Hannah…. She believes dreams are made of “Saturdays spent in onesies doing nothing but watching Christmas movies, baking and drinking coco.” No wonder we’re BFFs.}

8. Chick-Fil-A’s Peppermint Milkshake

“If you have to ask then you need to go get one.” -Wes

Spoken like a true man.

9. Elf

“Who doesn’t love a good Will Farrell movie (especially one the whole family can enjoy) at Christmas time!” -Lauren

“First we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie dough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.”  -Elf

Let me just say… If a man ever said that to me–GAME OVER.

10. N’Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” CD

Let’s be honest. All EVERY GIRL has ever wanted for Christmas is to find JT wrapped up under her Christmas tree… frosted tips included.

A blast from the past, these boy band tracks help us to remember the good ole days when we all believed in Santa, when Walkmans were cool, and when these boys made us believe that mistletoe was made of magic.

11. Santa’s White Trash

LITERALLY THE BEST THING EVER. If you’re looking for a new addiction this holiday season, look no further. It’s perfect for snacks, for gifts, and treats at any holiday party.

Oreos.. M&M’s… peanuts… more chocolate… Just go ahead and do yourself a favor—> Santa’s White Trash

12. Home Alone 1 AND 2

“Preferably watched back to back while drinking hott chocolate. Reason: It just doesn’t get any cuter than little Macaulay Culkin and his crazy Christmas antics.” -Alana

I mean we all love (pre drug addiction) Macaulay, yes, yes we do.

13. The Angel Tree

“Who doesn’t love to buy toys for little kids?!” -Lauren

It’s a great opportunity to step away from what YOU want this holiday season, and to focus on how you can help bring love and joy to another’s life! Putting a smile on a kids face–making sure he or she knows just how loved they are… Yep. There’s nothing better than that.

14. ABC’s 25 days of Christmas

No explanation needed.

15. Peppermint Bark

If you’re looking to be the crowd-favorite at your next Christmas Party, say hello to Peppermint Bark. It screams, “Give me a promotion, or BE MY BEST FRIEND.”

16. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

If you’re not watching the Grinch at least 3 times this holiday season, well, you’re just not doing it right.

17. An Advent Bible Study

“A good reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.” -Hannah

“The time before Christmas is Advent, a season of preparation for Christmas. Christians prepare for celebrating the birth of Jesus by remembering the longing of the Jews for a Messiah. In Advent, we’re reminded of how much we ourselves also need a Savior, and we look forward to our Savior’s second coming even as we prepare to celebrate his first coming at Christmas.” -Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts (Read More)

(That’s actually my friend Kelsey’s Advent Calendar… Isn’t she legit?! #1 Human Being ever.)

18. Seasonal Beer

Everyone needs a seasonal beer to ring in the holiday cheer!

For a list of other seasonal beers (that you probably haven’t ever heard of), click here.

19. Christmas Lights EVERYWHERE

It’s the one month of the year when people will not frown upon the fact that your house / yard / town is lit up like the fourth of July. You get to get creative and go crazy & literally the word becomes 10 x more magical.

A walk around the town square with your friends, family, or boyfriend to see the lights is a MUST for the holiday season. {Northwest Arkansas, you know what I’m talking about}

{Photo Creds: Fayetteville Flyer}

20. A Blazing Fire

“Listening to jazzy Christmas music, decorating, playing games, watching Christmas movies, drinking good coffee and hott chocolate while eating yummy treats… The fire completes the circle of all traditions.” -Melody

21. Seasonal Scented Candles 

“You just can’t have enough of holiday candles. Francesca’s (Holiday Spice Apothecary Candle) candles are the best!” -Haley

22. Michael Bublé’s Christmas CD

He once asked me to marry him… I’m still playing hard to get, it’s whatever.

BUT THAT VOICE. Heart. Melted.

Talk about hearing the voice of an Angel… When people talk about hearing a choir of angels from Heaven… this… this right here is what I imagine.

23. A Spare Pair Of Gloves

“I always keep an extra pair of gloves in my car. You never know when a snowball fight might pick up, or when you might pass someone less fortunate who might need some gloves to keep warm. I encourage you to keep some spare ones handy, just incase you come across someone who might really benefit from your act of kindness! ” -Gina

24. Snow… For Snow Angels

“When life gives you snow, you make snow angels.” -Madison

Or if you’re like my dad, when you have a quadruple bypass, the only way to celebrate your recovery is by making snow angels… shirtless. Ya, my dad rules, NBD.

{A second next best is ice skating…Especially if it’s outdoor ice skating. I mean, the movies make it look like a pretty romantic activity, and movies don’t lie… RIGHT?! RIGHT?! Regardless, it’s probably an entertaining place to hang out and people watch.}

25. A Nativity Set

To help remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas this holiday season.


“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6