The Enchanting Village of Eze

Eze, France is a magical place where princesses go for vacation, and thieves find their riches---OKAY maybe that’s exaggerating a little… But part of “To Catch a Thief” was filmed there and none other than Princess Grace starred in it opposite of Cary Grant. Sooooo continuing on….

Eze is nestled in the mountaintops between Nice and Monaco, and can be accessed by the Moyenne Corniche, a road carved into the mountainside offering spectacular views of the French Riviera. {Busses and trains are also an option for the traveler on a budget.}

We took the train from Nice which drops you off in front of the Tourism office at the base of the hill. From there, you can either take a bus to the top OR you could take an ancient trail carved into the mountainside {the obvious choice for us.} The Nietszche Trail, named after a 19th century German philosopher who would walk up the side of the mountain each day, is composed of stone steps that wind up the side of the mountain.

We hiked the trail in sandals, and were fine, but definitely make sure and pack water--it is QUITE a hike! The hike is an hour and a half going up, and around 45 minutes coming down. Also, note that half of the trail is in the sunlight, so be cautious during the summer season. It was a long hike, but the views it had to offer made it totally worth it!

This medieval village {yes I said MEDIEVAL} is a tranquil escape compared to the towns nearby. Dubbed the “eagles nest” for it’s perched location on the cliffs that loom above the Côte d'Azur, this small little town was built on top of ancient castle ruins filled with a rich historical past. The history of the city can be traced back from the Romans, to Moorish pirates, the Counts of Savoy, and Turkish troops, all which occupied the village before it came under the French control.

Due to the seclusion of the town, it appears as if you’ve traveled back in time once you arrive. The village is only accessible by walking or by donkey transportation --- no joke, often building materials and other supplies are carried by donkeys up the steep hills {you can’t make this stuff up}. Once you reach the village, you can roam through the narrow cobblestone streets, or relax in the shaded squares. Just make sure to take a moment to soak in the old world grandeur that is so hard to find these days!

Eze offers a collection of craft boutiques and small art studios, which are perfect for wandering in and out throughout the day. But the highlight of the city is at the very top--- the Garden of Eze. It does require a small fee (5 euros)  to get inside, but oh, IT IS WORTH IT!

The garden is composed of different species of exotic cactus and succulents from South America, mixed in with statues of goddesses {the perfect place for us gals to hangout at}. Although the gardens are pretty, what you really want to do is take look at the VIEW. Panoramic views of Cap Ferrat and the coastline had us wishing we were an artist that could capture the moment with paints {good thing we had our camera}. I think we could have stayed up there forever if it hadn’t been lunchtime….


- Author: Madison F.