Adeline’s Nursery Reveal

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you most likely already have seen some pictures of our nursery in one of my previous posts “Capturing The Bump.” But, because I love how it turned out SO much, I couldn’t help but post a blog with all the details about the little aspects that make this room one of my favorites in the house!

While I was pregnant, friends and family would always ask me what the “theme” of Adeline’s nursery would be. I never knew how to quite describe it, defaulting to “Well, there’s a navy wall… and some flowers framed on the wall.” Honestly, three months postpartum and I’m still not quite sure how to describe it — so if you’re able to come up with a word or phrase that sums it up nicely, please be sure to let me know!! That said, the nursery was completely designed off of two prints that I stumbled across on Pinterest one day and immediately fell in love with. They fit my interior vision to make her room feel girly, but not be over the top on baby decor. I had a hard time locating the prints, but after digging around and trying to find the source on my own, an interior designer I knew located them for me on Juniper Print Shop. With those printed & framed, I felt like I could finally get the ball rolling!

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Because we have a smaller nursery, we decided to include an accent wall to help make the framed Juniper prints the focus of the room. Our house tends to have a lot of varying blue tones in it, so we landed on a navy wall to help the dusty rose “pop” out. Also included in the color scheme were the colors white and gold, and natural wooden and woven accents were added to add style and texture to the room — all colors and materials you’ll find in multitudes across our house.


Although we are not solely “mid-century modern" in home decor, we couldn’t resist a good clean crib design that sports the classic mid-century modern leg!


Some of my favorite details of the room are the little things like Mia the Dog from Cuddle+Kind, and the book “The Wonderful Things You Will Be.” I really wanted Adeline to have a doll that she could grow up with, and after finding Mia I knew she was the one! Cuddle+Kind produces ethically handmade dolls, and the quality is unbelievable. I loved the idea of teaching Adeline about the impact Mia had made by providing a job for the person who stitched her, plus, I really wanted a stuffed dog in hopes of Adeline becoming BFFs with our own dog one day. {YOU’RE WELCOME WINNIE}

If you’ve never read “The Wonderful Things You Will Be”, please just stop right now and order it on Amazon. It is one of the most beautifully written children’s books I’ve ever read portraying what not only kids dream of being one day, but what we as parents also hope they will exhibit towards others. It’s a good tear-jerker — especially if you’re like me and high on hormones that make you EXTRA sentimental!


Of course, I must give a shoutout to my “Aunt” Patti and her daughter for making the room a little bit more personal with a cutout of Adeline’s first and middle name! It was such a great shower gift to receive and one that easily added a little somethin’ special to our nursery! {It’s literally one of the first things friends comment on when seeing her nursery for the first time!} Plus, I like to think it helps give the room a little diva status. :)

Last but not least is “mama’s corner” of the room aka the rocker/recliner. First off, who knew picking out a chair would be so hard? After searching the web for what felt like forever, we had a friend recommend this Target one and we are SO glad we took their advice. It fits well into a smaller nursery, is extremely comfortable, and offers the options to not only rock but also recline and glide. Not only do I enjoy it, but I’ve loved seeing it become a place for Drew to read books to Adeline, or just simply hold her while convincing her to give us ALL the smiles and giggles she can!

Finally, I can’t post a blog about the nursery without re-sharing these pictures from our maternity shoot because I absolutely love what they convey. We were so excited to get the nursery set up for our daughter, and now that she is here, we have loved this room even more. So many memories with Adeline have taken place in this room — from dad rapping to her, to first smiles, licks from Winnie when we’re not looking, and monthly milestone pictures with mom. We are thankful for a space dedicated to Adeline that she can grow into, and we can’t wait for more memories to be plastered all over its walls!