Portland, Oregon

Recently I had the opportunity for a quick trip to Portland, Oregon for work. {And by quick, I mean QUICK.} I had never been to Oregon before {in my sweet twenty-five years of existence}, and besides a pit stop at LAX on the way to Australia, Portland is now the farthest West I have traveled in the United States. 

Going into this trip I didn't know much about Portland...and by much, I mean nothing. I knew it was in Oregon, and that was about it. {Pathetic, I know.} I have always had the desire to explore the Northwest, but really never had an idea on where to start, or what to do.

But Portland...

*Praise Hands*

It was the most perfect place to start.

Although I only got to dip my toes into what Portland had to offer, I got a small taste of the unique quirks of the city that makes me want to run screaming back for more. I only had a day and a half to explore the city before my work conference started, so I only got to knock off a couple of the most "Portland-y" things to do for tourists. I went in knowing there were four things I wanted to make happen while I was there, and thankfully had just enough time to cross all items off my list! These four items I would recommend to anyone visiting Portland:

1) Multnomah Falls:

Located about 30 minutes outside Portland in the most breathtaking location, mixed with mountains & large Douglas Firs nestled next to the Colombia River. It's free admittance, and a short walk to the landing built towards the base of the waterfall. With a couple more steps, you can venture to the most scenic bridge built across the falls for a more up-close and personal view. 

2) Vodoo Doughnuts:

Located at 22 SW 3rd Avenue, your sweet tooth will be in heaven AND there's a good possibility you might end up in a food coma. Vodoo's menu has some of the most creative and unique donuts out there. From cereal, to Oreos, to fried dough with banana chunks, there's something out there for everyone. Brace yourself... You'll want to taste them all!

3)Powell's Books

Powell's is every book lover's paradise. Being the largest bookstore in the nation, some have referred to it as the "city of books". Powell's has something for every reader, and their large collection of new and used books will keep you occupied for the afternoon.  

4) Pittock Mansion

If you're looking for a good bird eye's view of the city, Pittock Mansion is the perfect place to go. The house overlooks the city and gives you a 180 degree view of the city and surrounding mountains. Although it always feels like it's raining in Portland, if you go on a clear day you can get a clear view of Mnt. Hood. Pittock Mansion is located right on the edge of the city, and worth the trip if you have some down time to spare.


Coffee Shop: Stumptown Coffee {If you're in to old R&B jams & people watching.}

Lunch: Killer Burgers

Till next time Portland... And you better believe there will be a next time.