Spring Exloprin' In NWA

As much as we love traveling to new countries or road-tripping across the United States, we've grown to love hanging around Arkansas on the weekends and discovering all of the hidden gems in our own backyard! Springtime in Arkansas is the perfect time to strap on your bathing suit, grab your tennis shoes, and set out on adventure--and believe us... Northwest Arkansas is PACKED with a variety of places begging to be explored & oohed--ahhed over.

Northwest Arkansas (NWA) is a gold mine of hiking trails, waterfalls, swimming holes, and scenic sites. Contrary to typical belief that all of Arkansas is farm land, NWA gives our small state a little taste of breathtaking natural wonders most people would expect to find elsewhere.

Most of these natural wonders are nestled within the Ozark Natural Forest, but from NWA it only takes about an hour to an hour and a half to reach any landmark making them PERFECT for a lil' Saturday fun. If you're foodies like us, you can also find quite an ensemble of hole-in-the-wall restaurants along the way that serve all the {buttery} delicacies the South is known for. A day packed with jams, the quirks of a small town, delicious food, beautiful views at every turn, and {AR} bucket-list wonders... people, it doesn't get much better than that. Do yourself a favor & TREAT YO SELF to a weekend adventure!

Not sure where to start? We've compiled a list of some of our favorite places to explore in hopes that YOU will venture out, explore, have fun, make memories and appreciate Arkansas's beauty as much as we do!  

Here's {OUR} 6 Top Places To Explore!

1. Glory Hole Falls

Glory Hole Falls offers a scenic 1 mile hike to the top of the falls where you'll find a natural hole in the rock due to weathering & erosion. During seasons of high rain, water flows through the hole to create a natural waterfall. The hike is definitely worth it for the falls alone, but the oversized boulders guiding you to the cave make you feel like you're in Colorado!

Directions: The trailhead is on Arkansas Routes 16/21, exactly 6.3 miles north of Fallsville, and 2.3 miles south of the 16/21 junction near Swain. The trailhead is unmarked, and there's only room for a couple of cars to park beside the road. If you're coming from the north, look for a dirt-road turnoff on the left side of the road. (AllTrails)

2. Kings River Falls

Kings River Falls is the stuff family fun days are made of! The hike to the falls is about a mile and a half, but it runs alongside the river and can be accessible by all ages! Plan on packing a picnic and make sure you wear your bathing suit, because this swimming pool is the perfect place to lounge around for the day!

Directions: From the community of Boston on State Highway 16 (between Fallsville and St. Paul), go north on County Road 3175 (dirt) for 2.1 miles; bear right as the road forks onto County Road 3415. Stay on this road for 2.3 miles until you come to a "T" intersection with County Road 3500. Turn left, and go across the creek and park at natural area sign. (Natural Heritage)

3. Buffalo River

If you've never floated the Buffalo, then you're just not spending your weekends the right way... Grab your friends, load up the canoes (or kayaks), pack the cooler with drinks & snacks, and strap on your bathing suit for a relaxed, fun day along one of Arkansas's most memorable rivers! Caution, most routes are about 6-8 miles, so you might want to hit the gym before you hit the river...

Directions: Plug this address into your GPS (9664 Hwy 65
St. Joe, Arkansas 72675) and Buffalo River Outfitters will take care of you from the moment you rent your canoe, to the moment you drop your canoe off and need a ride back to your car!

4. Siloam Springs Kayak Park

If you're a Bad-A Kayaker, or just someone who loves to float down a river in a tube, this place welcomes ALL! On the next sunny day, grab your inner-tubes and ride some man-made rapids on the Illinois River! Lifejackets ARE recommended... and Go-Pros... always.

Directions: From Highway 412 in Siloam Springs, take Lincoln Street (Highway 59 South) south 1.9 miles to Devor Road. Take a left on Devor Road and travel .4 miles to Fisher Ford Road. Turn right on Fisher Ford Road and follow it all the way to the park. Address is 19253 Fisher Ford Road. (Siloam Springs Kayak Park)

5. Triple Falls

Don't be confused, depending on the levels of rain, this location has been called both Triple Falls and Twin Falls. Although it's not much of a hike, the view is worth the day-road trip! Plus... Huntsville (town along the way) has some FAB hole in the wall restaurants that makes the trip 10x better. Make it a picturesque day with some tasty food & jaw-dropping waterfalls!

Directions: From Jasper on hwy 74, travel west to Sherman, turn right at the sign identifying Kyles landing, turn north and travel 1 mile to the fork, stay right, the parking lot is 1.8 miles on the right at the bottom of the hill. (AllTrails)

Photo cred: grayson barber (@graysonbarber)

Photo cred: grayson barber (@graysonbarber)

6. Hawksbill crag

This hike is not for the faint of heart--and neither is the view! If you want a shot of the Ozarks, you don't want to miss out on this spectacular view! Just be prepared for a 3 mile hike AND make sure to be very cautious of where you are since there aren't safety nets to break a fall! Fellas, all we're saying is that this is a MUST for a day-date!

Directions: From Ponca take Hwy 43 South to Hwy 21.  Turn left.  Go about two miles to the Boxley Bridge that crosses the Buffalo River.  Turn right onto gravel road #9560 and go about 6 miles.  About 1/4-mile from the trailhead, you'll pass the Cave Mountain Church & Cemetery on the right. Trailhead parking is limited, so if you're arriving on a Saturday (especially in the spring and fall), expect to have to park along the roadside. (Buffalo River)