Savannah: The Ultimate Girls Weekend

My sister's only request for her bachelorette party was that 1) we went somewhere she'd never been before and 2) we made it the ultimate girls trip, and yall --


Seriously, we could not have picked a better location for our girl's weekend! Savannah, Georgia is full of southern charm, rich in history and ghosts, and downright beautiful with the hundreds of live oak trees that fill up every free space in the city. Think of a mixture of Charleston and New Orleans... but ten times better, and that's Savannah for you. 

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First off, you can't have a girl's weekend without your girl gang! The key to an ultimate girl's weekend is that you travel with friends who are excited about exploring and adventuring through a new city just as much as you are -- if not more! Coming from multiple cities (Chicago, Fayetteville, and Nashville), Savannah was surprisingly an easy destination for all of us to get to. No one in our group had been to Savannah before, so it was fun to get to share so many new memories with some of our closest friends!  

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Although I didn't sneak a picture of our rental in here, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out Lucky Savannah for a vacation rental during your stay. Most of their rentals are affordable, well kept, spacious for large groups like ours, and only a short walk from downtown! From our rental {The Whippet House} we felt like we could easily cover all of the highlights of downtown Savannah without relying on an Uber or taxi to cart us around. 

I had to google this to confirm it {because I was truly shocked}, but Savannah boasts TWENTY FOUR squares within the city. How. Why. I DON'T KNOW. But I do know the ones that I got to walk through were uniquely different from on another, and really timeless feeling. Some of the squares you'll most likely walk through {or should at least be aware of} are Chatham Square, Monterey Square, Madison Square and Chippewa Square. 

Chippewa Square is probably one of the most famous squares in Savannah due to the famous role it played in Forrest Gump {helllllo, the park bench scene}. But DO NOT BE FOOLED -- the bench is no longer there. Another iconic landmark within Savannah is the Mercer-Williams House from "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" that can be found off of Monterey Square. If you have never read this southern classic by John Beredent, I would definitely try to add it to your reading list before your trip. Let's just say the book highlights one of the most famous Savannah murders to ever take place -- and will leave you questioning if this murder {that still haunts Savannah today} was truly self defense, or if something more sinister was taking place under the Mercer House that no southern gentleman would ever admit to. 

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Now, to lighten things up {MY BAD}, If you happen to be in Savannah during the summer, make sure to check out the Farmer's Market in Forsyth Park where you can pick up some locally grown peaches.

I mean, when in Georgia right?! Right.

As juicy as peaches are, there's another kind of juice most tourists are interested in {AMIRIGHT OR AMIRIGHT.} One of the really cool things about Savannah is that they have an open-container law downtown. Think New Orleans -- but on a classier level. WAY CLASSIER level. Even with booze in the streets, the city kept a very southern, sophisticated feel {Cue all day rosé.}

One of our friends who had spent a weekend in Savannah before our trip gave us some of the best advice for our weekend getaway:

start your trip with drinks at Artillery BAR

By FAR one of the most swanky bars I've ever been to, Artillery will make you feel like you're 100x cooler than you really are, and their drinks are some of the best you'll ever taste. If you're looking for a drink that screams Bachelorette Party, make sure and swing by Jen's & Friend's to sample one of their 300 martini recipes ranging from the Klondike martini {pictured below} to bourbon pecan pie -- trust me, everyone in your group will find something they will like!

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Another snazzy place to grab a drink is at Rocks on the Roof at Bohemian Hotel along the Savannah Riverfront. Although very touristy, it's a great spot for a view of the river and a perfect place to start your night if you're hitting up River Street's bar scene for a night out on the town.

Although I didn't take any pictures of our food {WHO AM I}, there are PLENTY of places I would highly recommend if you're wanting to experience some of Savannah's best cuisine. My Top Three Recommendations: The Public Kitchen & Bar, The Collins Quarter and Jazz'd Tapas Bar {Although I've heard The Old Pink House is amazing as well -- if all else fails make sure and stop by for a good photo opt!}

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Annnnnnd really the only dessert we had in on our trip was at Leopold's, Savannah's most famous ice cream spot. I seriously think we hit up this place every day of our trip -- it was THAT good. Leopold's really channels an old-fashioned movie theater vibe -- which makes sense if you meet the owner, Stratton Leopold! Stratton not only dishes up the city's best dessert, but is also known for directing a collection of movies that you'll find pasted to the walls of the restaurant. Loves movies & loves ice cream... my. type. of. man. 

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Other things you can do on your weekend trip... 

A ghost tour of Savannah's downtown with Blue Orb Tours. There are two late night tours, and if you're over 21 and like the idea of a good ghost story paired with a bloody mary {...get it...} then you'll definitely want to consider the Zombie Tour. VERY entertaining, and actually a fun way to learn the local lore of who haunts Savannah and why. 

Hit up the shops along Broughton Street. From local shops to large brands, you'll be able to spend a couple hundred bucks EASY along this strip. Our personal favorite was The Paris Market {seen below}. From locally made candles, to Rifle Paper Co. products, you'll find an assortment of goodies that you will want to blow your trip budget on.

Art sophisticated? Go check out SCAD, a local art museum. That's all I have to say because even though it's cool and something Savannah is known for, I'm just not much of an art gal. So there's that. But YES, you should still check it out if you have time. 


If you're there for a long weekend like we were, a great way to break up the trip is with a day trip out to Tybee Island!

Originally our plan was to have a full, relaxing day on the beach, but as you can see in the pictures below, the wind had other plans for us. That said, I would still advise making a trip out to the island to walk along the pier, and most importantly -- 


The Social is just about the cutest little beach restaurant you'll ever find! The inside is eclectically decorated with flags, old photos, animal heads, and more. If you check it out for brunch on a Sunday, you might even be treated to a live blue grass band like we did. If you really want to feel like you were in the South, then I would highly recommend ordering either their biscuits and gravy, or their chicken and waffles. ALWAYS WITH A SIDE OF GRITS. Goodness gracious. You'll probably gain about 5 pounds at this restaurant, but I promise you will have NO regrets!

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You can't go to Savannah and not check out the longest road of Live Oaks and Spanish Moss in the United States. Found at Wormsloe State, this is by far the most beautiful photo opt you'll get in Savannah, and a perfect way to end your trip. {Not going to lie... originally I thought this place was called Wormtail, like the character from Harry Potter... I know, I know -- I need to get a life.} 

In my opinion, the tour might have not been worth it since you don't actually get to see the plantation house, but if you love history and love hearing how things come to be, then you'll enjoy walking around the grounds and learning about the founding family of Wormsloe. PLUS, the entry fee to drive down the lane of oaks is TOTALLY worth it.

all the heart eyes for this view.

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Overall, you can't beat Savannah. Seriously, I mean that. We couldn't have picked a better place for long girl's weekend! There is a very good reason {or 20} why Savannah is one of my top favorite cities I've ever visited. I guarantee you'll 100% love it just as much as we did. 

Most importantly, you can't pick a better place to celebrate THIS girl. Nothing screams "last hoorah" like finding a city full of EVERYTHING the bachelorette loves! From the live oaks, to the ice cream, to the fun drinks, and local lore -- Savannah you were a dream, and a special memory we'll forever cherish! 

Cheers to our next visit to Savannah as TWO old married ladies! LLEETTTT'S GGGGOOO!!