Our Twenty-4tunes List

Well, for our birthday this year, Madison and I decided that we wanted to do something different. Don’t get me wrong, 23 was a blessing in so many ways. We grew, loved, learned, and laughed our heads off this past year, but at the same time we feel like maybe, just maybe, we could make more out of 24.

We wanted to make 24 count and be memorable, so we made not just a list, but THE list of all list.A list that we want to help define our 24th year of life.

All great lists need a name, so we named ours twenty-4tunes. You’re probably thinking, “Did they have one too many glasses of wine when they came up with that crack-shot of a name?” First off, can you rrrreeaalllyy ever have one too many glasses of wine? And secondly no, you’re talking to the girls who wiggle Transformer and Harry Potter quotes into any conversation as much as possible–Weird is our middle name. Let me explain…

twenty-4tunes: 24 (our age) + fortunes (things that happen or are to happen to a person in his or her life). 24 chances at making things happen in our life this next year.

So here’s our list to help guide us through this next year.


1. Go Skydiving. Got to start big right? If I black out on roller coasters, is this a bad idea?

2. Double what is in our savings. Don’t think this is ambitious… because it’s not.

3. Work in a soup kitchen at least once. But hopefully more. Want to join us?

4. Take over our bills. Adult status in full throttle.

5. Learn to shoot a gun. Mainly because our BadA status would go up… and we feel like it’s a good skill to have…And it get’s me one step closer to being a parole officer*.

6. Visit Helen in Chicago. Seeing your best friend as much as possible? MANDATORY.

7. Go camping and hiking in a national park. Because we’re outdoorsy like that.

8. Stay involved in a Bible study throughout the year. ‘Cause everybody needs a little bit more Jesus in their lives.

9. Madison wants to take yoga once a week. I just want to be able to touch my toes. Yall laugh all you want… but doing yoga with an ex-cheerleader is a real humbling experience. Is there a support group for that?

10. Get a husband, fiancé, boyfriend… Go on a date. Guys. Shoot for the moon right?

11. Take a self-defense class. So I finally have a reason to get my “Scrappy As Hell” tattoo…

12. Be more intentional with gifts and cards for others. Cause we love ya and you rule, and want to make sure you know it.

13. Run a 5k for a cause. Key words: “for a cause” because who really runs for fun? Sickos.

14. Take a dance class, or a painting class, or something that screams fun and creative. Leaving the dance class to Madison, nobody wants to see me bust a move….nobody.

15. Cross off a big concert or music festival on our list. Two words that make dreams come true: Celine. Dion.

16. Donate to a project on Pure Charity once a month. Because there’s nothing better than making a difference, no matter how big or small it is.

17. Go to Hogwarts and become a real life wizard. You think we’re joking, but we’re dead Sirius… See what I did there? MADE FOR THIS.

18. Make 24 new dishes each. Stay tuned for a sign-up sheet for test tasters.

19. Pay it forward. …Not just watch the movie.

20. Say YES to as many things as we can. Love Does by Bob Goff. If you haven’t you need to.

21. Go two weeks without eating sweets. Longest two weeks of our lives no doubt. We’re secretly shooting for a month, but we didn’t originally want to set the bar too high and set ourselves up for failure.

22. Go bungee jumping. Not the ones you can do in Florida while on Spring Break… been there done that. We’re 24 now, not sissys.

23. Take a backpacking trip to somewhere in Europe. Bu-ck-et Li-st adventure. There’s no better time than now, right?! And if we happen to meet good lookin’ twin Scots in plaid skirts and never come back, don’t worry about it, we’re in good hands.

24. And the mother of all mothers… Live Separately. Just go ahead and start praying for us now. Appreciate it.

We know that things don’t always work out how they are supposed to, and that God has the ultimate say in all of this, but we also want to be as proactive about chasing our dreams, and living life to the fullest as we can be. Cheesy I know. But we have always loved cheese, so just call us the dream-chasers that we plan to be. 

Even if we don’t cross off every item on our list, at least we tried right?! We’re excited about this, and hopefully you’re just as excited for us! Having a twin sister automatically holds us accountable to one another, but we ask that you do the same! And what’s a better way to keep us accountable then to join in with us?! We’d love to have you for whatever you’d like to participate in with us!!

Stay tuned. 24 will have plenty of twinventures headed your way.

24 is going to be good guys. I can already tell.

3-2-1 LET’S GO!

*For some odd reason, when I tell people my majors were Sociology & Criminal Justice, the first question they ask me is, “So you want to be a Parole Officer?” … (Silence)….

Love, Us.