We’re Having A Baby!


"We're Having A Baby, My Baby & Me" - I Love Lucy

How crazy is that!? I’ve had about over 20 weeks to think about it, and it STILL doesn’t feel true! Drew and I are constantly taking moments to pause in complete wonder when we remember that this family of 3 {yes Winnie IS included} will soon be a family of 4!

We’ve had so many people ask us about our pregnancy story I figured a blog would be an easier way to share and update friends & family along the way. {Mommy blogger say what!? Let’s not get toooo far ahead of ourselves.} Plus, we had some GREAT reactions from our family members when we told them we were pregnant that are just too precious not to share with the world.

How We Found Out

You know how you always imagine finding out you’re pregnant and then creating some sweet surprise to tell your husband that brings him to tears and feels straight out of a Hallmark movie? Yea, that didn’t happen for us.

Baby T, as much as we are excited for this baby, was quite the surprise to Drew and I! {Best kind of surprise of course!} In fact, we were pretty lucky to find out we were pregnant when we did in the first place! PTL for gallbladders. See, I was actually planning on going in for a HIDA scan to check my gallbladder function {super sexy I know} and in the past have always checked “Not Pregnant” on the authorization form since we use good ole’ birth control pills and I figured our chances of being pregnant were non-existent. Well, for some reason, let’s just call it a divine intervention, I felt like I SHOULD take a pregnancy test before this scan just to check that box off in my mind that all really was well.

So I took a test. And then read the test as a negative and decided that I should text Drew on a random Thursday morning about how hard pregnancy tests are to read these days…

I got a text back from Drew {who unknowingly on my behalf was in a team meeting with his whole company} that said, “Babe. I think you’re pregnant. Go take another test.” And then proceeded to send me google images of what positive tests looked like that looked oddly similar to mine.

Okay, IN MY DEFENSE, I totally thought that it was suppose to be TWO blue lines. Not just one. Cause, you know, there are two blue lines on the box. So that made sense in my head. {*Face Palm Emoji}

So, I went to Walmart, grabbed two more boxes of pregnancy tests and went home… and then called Drew and told him I was, indeed, pregnant. Still in complete disbelief, Drew and I decided to keep the one pregnancy test that says “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant’ {instead of lines you have to Interpret} for when he got home that night, juuuuust to double check, together.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.30.33 PM.png

And here we are! COMPLETELY preggers and excited to be soon-to-be-parents! Although we hadn’t initially planned to get pregnant, we are completely overwhelmed with joy at God’s timing and cannot wait to embark down this new adventure together! {Although prayers are appreciated, we’re not 100% sure how Winnie is going to take the news she’s no longer going to be the center of attention :)}

How We Told Our Families

Now this is where it gets fun! Keeping a secret was tough, BUT getting to see our families reactions in person was 100% worth it. Here are some fun {and VERY sweet} videos of how we told my parents, Drew’s parents, and my sister and her husband!

How We Told Our Friends

First off, let me just apologize for the photo overload. Our friend Byrant did an AMAZING job taking photos, and I just love all of them so it makes it hard to pick just one to share!

Since we found out at 6 weeks, we had quite a bit of time to figure out how we wanted to tell our families and friends. ALSO, that gave me plenty of time to have a friend embroider “Baby Toland” into a baby jean jacket. If you know me at all, you will NOT be surprised to know that denim was included in our baby announcement. {Hoping this baby never takes the jacket off!}

The result, was of course, some of the sweetest photos our little family has ever taken together. I’m going to blame the pregnancy hormones for making me emotional every time I look at them, but my heart literally wants to burst with pure joy and thankfulness for what God is doing in our lives right now!

I’ll be holding on to these sweet memories for a very, very long time.


Stay tuned, more on our journey with Baby T to come!